Library = Incubator

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I just read an interesting (and short) article on Why Libraries Should be the Next Great Start-up Incubators. The focus is on public libraries – as the original “co-working” spaces. But but academic libraries and other specialized library spaces should take this idea seriously too…

Libraries are the meeting places (for students at least) on campuses around the country. We’re also at the intersection of the disciplines with a mandate to serve everyone equally. We’re a natural place for cross-pollination. I’ve seen it first hand: Business students have great ideas, but no technical know-how; Computer science and engineering students have the technical skills, but no business savvy.

If you want to get accelerators, incubators, and other think spaces out of their silos, call the Library.

And yes, the “featured” image on the left ┬áis a literal incubator (lightbulb + lil chicks = warm).

Thanks Athol for the link to this one.

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  1. Chantal
    February 26, 2013

    I am adding a piece on pop-up libraries from Finland.

    This innovative concept could work to bring the library out of the stacks on campus too ! Along the lines of the successful science in the streets concept.


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