A Perfect Storm

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Without doubt Brian Mathews’ “Think Like a Startup: A white paper to inspire library entrepreneurialism” is one of the reasons that I decided to design The Startup Library workshops – but it’s not the only one…

Around the same time I was invited to teach one of the Entrepreneurship courses at the University of Guelph. In preparation for that course, I went to Babson College to participate in their Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators. To test my own skills as an “entrepreneur” last semester I also participated in Startup Weekend Toronto (more on that later).

So… you see, it really was a perfect storm of experiences that led to the creation of The Startup Library. I can’t remember who first sent me Brian’s paper (but thank you!). And Brian, thank you for helping formulate this program’s driving question: What if Libraries thought more like Startups?

Oh the possibilities…

The Startup Library Report Cover

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