First Step Postcard 2

First Step Postcard 1

First step

  • Answer the call

Maybe you’re still on the fence: The Startup Library sounds great in theory, but you’re not an innovative person, so it’s not for you. Well, you’re dead wrong (hey, the truth hurts!).

There is a spot for everyone. You don’t have to have a great idea to join. You just need the desire to improve the user experience in Library Land. Ideas are everywhere, executing on those ideas and validating potential solutions is the real challenge.

Libraries aren’t typically known for their innovative spirit. Let’s fix this.

Photo credits
Home Page Photo: (cc) Addison Berry - Your Rainbow Panorama
Feature Photo: (cc) Tom Cochrane - First step of spring
Project Photo 1: (cc) rightsandwrongs - Sneakers
Project Photo 2: (cc) Brenda Anderson - blue shoes

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