Who should attend?

Well, you’re still reading this… so you’ll do nicely.

  • If you have idea that you’ve always wanted to explore, Startup Library will give you time to investigate.
  • If you want to challenge your risk taking ability, Startup Library will encourage you to make little bets.
  • If you want some professional development on a shoestring budget, Startup Library is dirt-cheap.
  • If you just want to meet some other people interested in new ideas, Startup Library will hook you up (disclaimer: we are NOT a dating service).

Oh, one other thing: the workshops are in Guelph, Ontario so you need to be willing to come here!

Who is behind this?

M.J. D’Elia is the primary program designer and facilitator for The Startup Library workshop series (but expect to see some other facilitators mixed in too). He is the Head (Acting) of the Learning and Curriculum Support team at the University of Guelph Library. MJ also teaches the introductory Entrepreneurship course for the Department of Marketing and Consumer Studies. He loves any idea that improves the user experience. But he loves making those ideas happen even more.

He collaborated with Robin Bergart on the Innovation Boot Camp experience a few years ago. He considers The Startup Library to be Act Two.

MJ D'Elia

Amanda Etches, Robin Bergart and Doug Horne are also involved as key advisors, facilitators, and all-round fantastic people.

Amanda Etches, Robin Bergart, Doug Horne

Photos by Robin Bergart.